Be aware when you need to take pressure off

If there Is too much pressure – take it off

If you have assigned your child to doing big boy jobs and he was going well but now he is not then you can relieve his anxiety by helping him a bit more for a while.

All boys love the idea of being a big boy but sometimes the reality is, that he still really wants to be your little boy. Why? He remembers when you adored him, always smiled when you looked at him and helped him with every little thing. He misses that. Maybe the transition was a tad too speedy for his emotions to catch up. Helping him to see that he can be a big boy and still adored and giving undivided attention when you are interacting with him is the key here.

Remember to talk and tell him stories about when he was a baby and what a sweet child he is and how much happiness he has given you, just in conversation. Then perhaps how proud you and daddy are that he is growing into such a kind and caring big boy. The idea is to make sure he feels adored and to help rise him to his higher self, his best self. Here he can know your pride in him as well as being proud of himself.

This is a very different way of helping his self - esteem than constant praising, while looking at your phone. It is more like showing and teaching him ‘how we treat each other in this family” – with appreciation.