Find an hour a day to just 'be'

Blog 5 – Take time out for bonding and play

You need to re- energise yourself daily to take on the physical and emotional project of parenting. Doing whatever you can to find an hour a day where you are not rushing around will help a lot.

You may need extra support as you follow through with your self-nurturing. See if you can arrange affordable help with any jobs you can outsource so you can lighten your parenting load.

Can you ask a neighbour’s teenager to come over two or three afternoons a week to tidy up the house or to wash a sink full of dishes, or fold the washing? Let your usual standard of cooking go, and serve very simple meals—nachos, bolognaise, soup, nutritious bread cheese and cucumbers for dinner?

Can you decide not to clean the house every day and just do a quick tidy up and perhaps a speedy hour of cleaning once a week? Maybe get a cleaner in to do a really good job monthly.

We heartily approve of imperfect housekeeping, when more connection, relaxation and family fun is the goal. All those things can wait if you’re brave enough to let them. Put being a perfect home keeper, on hold for a while so that you can do the important tasks of play, and conversation while bonding with your angels.