Consistency is King and Queen

Can you imagine being a 12 month old and one day you can get away with not listening to mum and the next day you have to do what she says or she gets angry with you? Would that be confusing – to anyone for that matter?

For example, what if on Monday you wake up feeling great and every part of you feels good. Your energy field can be felt by everyone you come in contact with especially your baby. It seems as though the world is a great place you are happy and relaxed.

On Tuesday you wake up with a headache, you feel drowsy, you feel certain that you are coming down with something, you feel lethargic and have to drag yourself out of bed.

Of course you are going to feel like a different person and the way you speak to your family could be very different right? We all have days like that.

Still, your baby/toddler is wondering what is going on.  You ask her to put her toys back in the toy box but she doesn’t feel like it, yesterday you asked her to do the same thing.  Yesterday when you asked the same thing your baby smiled at you and ran away. You thought that was cute and funny. But, today you are pulling a mean face and moaning to yourself as you clank the toys back in the box saying things that don’t sound very nice.

What happened to you thinking EVERYTHING your baby does is cute and funny???

Unfortunately, like all mums you will have good days and bad days so naturally you will find it easier to see the humour in things on a good day. Still, your child gets confused if she cant rely on what you say.  Not being consistent makes it hard for her and not really fair, she doesn't understand when you will allow her to decide what to do and when you won't. Of course you aren't trying to confuse her,  you are doing your best to make her life amazing. I know that so allowing  your child to get clear on what she has to do when you ask her something makes her amazing life even easier. That’s why it is important to teach your child how to listen to you when you speak to her. Observing her is good but helping her to learn is great.

If you have shown her what you want when you ask her something she will always do it if you have always expected it to happen. She will quickly learn that when you ask her something it will not be a negotiable offer but a simple statement.

Teaching your children as early as possible, how to be a positive part of your family gives you and the child the best opportunity to avoid feeling bad a lot – about nothing. All that is happening when she is being annoying, out of control  or not listening to you is not that she is trying to be a naughty child but the inconsistent reactions from you are causing her confusion.