Take a Massage Selfie to Soothe the Soul

If you feel that you need a break but you have no time then read on. 

Do you sometimes feel that you are at loggerheads with your little uns? Then maybe it's time to spoil yourself and them with a mini foot massage. It's grounding and gives you all a minute to connect in a loving way. 

By doing this together you can stop all the madness anytime of day.

Sit down with a beautiful aromatic oil and massage away your troubles. Strangely enough, when you take a moment to relax everything else settles too. A foot massage has been used for centuries for relaxation, babies love it, toddlers love it and teenagers will love you for it.

When things get out of control, get some oil, grab a foot, call out 'stop' 'foot massage' and watch things turn around. A foot massage improves the mood for everyone. Its a real treat and one that can happen every day to improve emotional and physical energy.

Like most good things it's easy to do and easy not to do. Say to yourself, ‘I am worth this, we are worth this.’ Just taking a couple of minutes to bond and shave some nice 'time out'  will bring out the best your relationship with yourself and your children.