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Before reading further I want you to know that parenting rules are not set in stone, there are however a few guidelines on best practice, because they work for everyone to help raise great kids. The best practice parenting rules just seem to have got lost in today's rapidly changing world. Fortunately, I know them well because i have used them for almost 35 years. They work!

This is your family unlike any other family and of course you want the best for for your children. Adopting a few simple rules from the ACE Parenting Model helps you to achieve that. The great news is, this allows you to really enjoy being a parent and just as importantly,  the children can relax and enjoy being  kids.

It all starts with you and I know you are doing your best still, if you are struggling with a little person then something needs to change. Often it's something really simple and easy to adopt.

If you are ready to integrate what is currently working for you with your parenting (your ways) with a few skills from the ACE Parenting Model (my ways) you will find things will get a whole lot easier and more enjoyable at home. My ways help your children to understand that you are not just their adoring fan but also their team leader.

ACE Parenting is all about communicating with your children so that they happily listen to you and respond positively, everytime. Living this way will help you and your partner feel closer while enjoying your children and your family life together. Through this collaborative approach to parenting you will be living your rules, your flexibility and your idea of what a great family is. 

I can't think of a greater gift than giving your child the advantage of self-awareness, self-control and genuine self-confidence. Anything less than this, just makes life unnecessarily challenging for everyone. Therefore, by following the ACE Parenting Model, every aspect of your child's life such as sleeping, eating and socialising to name a few, naturally happen without stress. 

The statistics on mothers with stress and young children with anxiety are frightening. It doesn't have to be this way. Children need boundaries to feel safe and believe it or not, they don't want to feel in charge even if they try to convince you otherwise. Every child wants a confident team leader who is consistent, calm and fun to be with but how can you be that parent if you are constantly being challenged by your children. 

Having children who understand how to behave allows you to be that fun person you used to be and still be an effective parent.  Just like any job that you've ever had, you need to invest in a little training. This eliminates second guessing or feeling guilty because you know you want to do better but just don't know how to begin. That is exactly why I was driven to develop a model that anyone can understand, including the kids. 

The ACE Parenting Model helps everyone in the family to communicate effectively, its simple step by step approach works for every family and every stage of learning.

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The ACE Parenting Model is the core of ACE Kids. It's a simple and effective approach to parenting that encourages mutual respect and a loving bond between you and your children based on self control.  It helps you to truly enjoy each other's company and, over time, will give you the ability to influence your children until they are old enough to make good decisions for themselves.

Here is my number one Golden Rule to get you started...

Always Follow Through

Children and babies are very intelligent. Before they are even one year old, they are learning a language, learning how to walk, talk, communicate and a hundred other things and mostly they learn all of this by observing you.

To help small children understand what is expected of them it's really important that they know when you ask them to do something, you mean what you say and that you expect them to do it.

Your confidence and tone tells them all they need to know - that complaining would be futile.


Scenario: A Baby's View I'm 12 months old, my parents are pretty cool, they are always doing things for me and want me to be happy. Still, when they ask me to do things that I dont feel like doing I just ignore them. Sometimes they pleade and beg, usually putting on a strange, whiney voice which, I think means, they want me to play that exhausting game again. It's a habit they've got into so I play along with them. It starts like this... I pout and say 'no', they whine and say 'come on darling please do it', then I say 'no' and cry a little bit or scream or have a tantrum. Sooner or later they let me off the hook but not before we all get upset. Strange game, but for some reason we do it a lot.**

Without being given clear communicatiom along with simple routines to help your child feel confident about what is expected of them, they can become a bit lost and confused. This can show up as bad behaviour.

Whining, hitting, nagging, yelling and crying often just mean that they are out of control, and don't know what else to do, rather than trying to be naughty or disrespectful.

It is distressing for a child to have to behave this way. If they have been allowed to react rather than respond to you, or as you can see by their point of view 'encouraged' to behave this way, then it must be really hard on them. Remember your child is learning from you.

No matter how harmless it may seem to change your mind, when the pressure is being put on you, the best thing you can do is to be calm, strong and commited to your word. It only takes a few times of this new determination from you for your child to realise that you mean what you say and challenging you will be a waste of time.

I see tiny children every day pushing their parents' buttons until they give in to them. This may make your child seem happier for a few minutes and you may even think that it's making your life easier to give in but pretty soon they have to do the same 'ol routine' all over again.

By removing the effect, the cause of all this draining behaviour will stop. Without realising it you are trainng your child to continually challenge you if you give in to their misbehaviour.

If you stop to think about it, would you respect anyone's leadership if they always change their mind when you pressure them?

I would love to send you the 'Seven Days to Great Kids' e-course that will give you the skills to implement instant positive changes.