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TRANSPARENT Parenting - Wake Up, Slow Down, Take Charge

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Next Monthly Talk - September 2019

It's never too early to begin teaching your children how to be nice. The only difference between great kids and difficult ones is the way they've been taught to behave. Unfortunately, if you don't get onto helping your children to know what you want from and for them, then, they will just keep pushing and arguing until they get a result they want.

This one hour information packed talk is for all parents who can see the benefit to everyone by making this madly busy, stressful existence most parents are experiencing more bearable. With everything we have on these days, the economy of time must be considered so that it is possible to eliminate unnecessary time wasting and stress. By doing this, you will be closer to having the easy, loving, respectful home life you deserve.

After this talk you will have the secrets to;

  • My proven formula on how to speak to children so they want to listen

  • Three magic ways to get children to respect you and your partner

  • How to stop children putting pressure on you when they hear a 'no'

Let's face it, kids need love, understanding and fun, they also need boundaries and parents who are on the same page so that they can trust your decision making enough to want to listen and learn from you.

At the end of the talk, you can chat to Sharon about any specific questions you need answered. 

$59.00   or   $69.00 (for both parents)

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Find out about the simple techniques that guarantee you'll have the skills you need for effective, sustainable parenting.

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Parenting Programs 

Contact me to find out more. We can arrange 6 and 12 month VIP Personal Training Parenting Programs.

ACE Parenting Course   

If you're feeling that you need to get a few changes happening at home concerning the children's behaviour but not sure where to start then the ACE Parenting Course is a fun way to begin the process with other parents sharing.

As well as all the tips and tricks you'll learn in this course, you have the opportunity to have one on one time with Sharon to discuss any specific issues you have when communicating with your children. Most importantly, you get a chance for focussed time to get clear on what the challenges really are about, which may be eluding you right now.  This way, you will understand why the children aren't responding to you as you would like.

With commitment and crystal clear clarity you will be able to make the changes needed to get your family back on track.

After doing this 6 hour course, most families tell me the changes are immediate and the family bond is stronger than ever with both parents loving their family time and appreciating each other in a whole new way, everything is easier and fun.

Kids are naturally happy and love to learn so as soon as your position as leader is re-established you can be the strong, calm, loving parents the children need. This allows kids to relax and just  enjoy their position as the child. It happens like magic. 

Our next  Courses:

September & November 2019  (three consecutive weeks) - 7pm - 9pm  Thursdays


Saturdays (one session only) - 10am - 4pm

 $359 (partner FREE)

Life Coaching - For Mums, Dads and Carers

Something is missing but you don't know what it is because you don't have a minute left at the end of every day to go looking. Right? Are you spending most days feeling stressed or just putting out fires?

Well, you are not alone.

Raising children today is harder than ever before. Work and family pressures have us so stressed, that stress and anxiety have become the norm in most households.

So many parents struggle through the early years believing that one day it will get easier. But, think again, that day will continue to elude you if nothing changes. The terrible twos can turn into the terrible teens and even preteens before your very eyes- eek! Allowing children to rule the roost with parents running around trying to avoid conflict is not a nice way to live.

Can you imagine how you will feel when you aren't stressed? Can you imagine what family life will be like when you have a loving, relaxed connection with your children and partner? Well, it doesn't take much for this to happen, no more than what you are doing, just perhaps somethings you can be doing a little differently. 

Most families don't seek help until they can't cope any longer. Please don't leave it that long to get some clarity, parenting skills and goals. Why waste your precious life or even another day,  feeling like you aren't having the family life that you wanted when you had children. 

After a few weeks of fun activities such as meditation, goal setting, and learning how to find time for yourself and your family by doing less, you will absolutely turn your life around.

One on one coaching  will give you back control over your life so that you can be the wonderful, fabulous outstanding parent you know your children will respect and adore.

If you want to discuss this further, please reach out and contact me.