FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session

  • Turn parenting challenges into parenting wins

  • Learn how to talk to your children so they want to listen

  • Have happy children who want to behave

  • Get immediate answers to your questions

In this FREE 30 minute discovery session with Sharon you can discuss the parenting challenges you have at home, that need addressing. Sharon is results driven so your challenges can be sorted out as soon as possible. She will help you to see the best way for everyone to feel happier and more relaxed by giving you some of her time tested tips and tricks, for immediate results. 

Discovery Sessions are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday between 9am and 2pm via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or a phone call.

Private Consultations

Available online or in your home.

Sharon will listen to or observe the family dynamics (without judgement), taking notice of the triggers that precede the challenging behaviours.  She will make an assessment, offering suggestions and together with you and your partner create an effective parenting plan.

A follow-up session is recommended within 1-2 weeks to discuss the applied techniques and to help you make adjustments where necessary.

Initial Visit (2-3 hours) - $239

Home visit plus 30 days phone/email support package - $299       

Follow up visit  and personalised packages available on request.

Please message Sharon via the 'Contacts Page" to discuss arrangements.

Support Packages

A) Executive Package Includes; Your own personal parenting trainer for six months.

1/ Parenting Talk in person or Skype (one hour) - $59

2/ Parenting Workshops for two in person or Skype - $359

3/ Life Coaching includes 4 private sessions - $489

4/ Six Skype or home visits includes 6 months email and phone support - $1947

Total $1997 (saving almost $900)

B) Transformational Package includes; Your own personal parenting trainer for one month.

1/ Parenting Workshop for either or both parents in person or Skype - $359

2/ One home visit or Skype (2 hours) + 30 days email and phone support - $299

Total $497 (saving $160)

C) DIY Package

Have a good look over the website and get all the free stuff you can get your hands on. Do your best to implement the skills and changes we suggest and remember the trick is to remain consistent - this alone will help a lot - FREE