The DO's Of Discipline

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Discipline doesn't have to be yelling, shouting and stressful! We'll show you how to make discipline fun, respectful and enjoyable by introducing our tried and tested strategies.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Video 1 - Learn how to become a strong team leader for your children 
  • Video 2 - Treat your child as if they are the person they are capable of being 
  • Video 3 - Helping your child to feel like a magnificent human being 
  • Video 4 - Learning to show unconditional affection to your children even when you’re both tired
  • Video 5 - Turn mundane tasks like grocery shopping and visiting the dentist into exciting adventures
  • Video 6 - How to ask the right questions so your child knows you care about their feelings 
  • Video 7 - Self control and soothing 
  • Video 8 - Teaching kids how to be happy
  • Video 9 - Staying consistent with your new approach
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